The Magical World of Christening Events & Concept Inspiration

Christening events make us crazy! Not only because they are a unique religious service in the life of someone that cannot be repeated, not only because everyone is more relaxed compared to a wedding but also because everything seems magical, whimsical, dreamy, as if is powdered with fairy dust!

The surprises start with the invitation that gives a first idea of the event theme. When the big day arrives and we go to the church, our senses fill with colors and pleasant smells from the fresh flowers and the treats that are beautifully arranged and decorated outside of the church.

The baby smiles being beautiful in the fine baptismal clothes that are styled to match the baptismal candle, the decorated box, the towels and the witness pins.

As for the favors…yes, we want those made for the elder but also one of the others, the playful ones made for the children! At the reception that follows, the venue usually transforms into a huge play area with inflatable toys, entertainers and lots of candies that all of them compose the puzzle of the baptism event.

Talking about theme concept designs, this year’s creative proposals are absolutely amazing, going beyond any imagination. Here are some of our favorite ones: Young Man with Moustache, Vespa Ride, Vintage Birds, Invitation to Tea Party, the Magical Hot Air Balloon and Candy Shop.