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Greece as a Travel
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You have probably heard of Greece before- a small spot of land on the south east end of Europe surrounded by sea on three sides.

Did you know that Greece is considered to be one of the top travel and wedding destinations globally? Yes, 33 million of visitors in 2018 is a fact, making Greece one of the most visited countries in Europe and the world, and contributing around 25% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

The land of the islands

Greece is probably known as the land of the islands- it should be, there are 3.000 of Greek islands and islets scattered all over the Aegean and Ionian seas, nevertheless only 130 of them are inhabited, each one of them with different shape, personality and possibilities.

But Greece is not only the Greek islands, it’s the place where wonderful experiences never end. It’s the combination of beauty, culture, history, climate, food, music and peoples’ passion that makes travelling to Greece a life-altering experience. Probably those of you who are of Greek origin, know already how strongly bonded are your parents and families with the spirit of Greece.

Why Greece?

Getting to Greece is easy by frequent flights from all over the world and it’s worth exploring it as it offers a diversity of landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else- awarded beaches, breathtaking islands feeling like intact paradise, snow covered mountains, forests, white washed villages, towns with traditional stone architecture and archaeological sites that are right next to you while you walk or drive.

Greece as a wedding destination has a lot to offer- spectacular locations in Athens, the suburbs of Attica, the country’s mainland and of course the Greek islands as well as delicious food, quality service, opportunities for water sports and perfect climate conditions- from May to September you’ll almost never see a cloud.

Athens, the Greek capital, is the place where theater was born- imagine how it feels to attend a concert or performance sitting on the ancient marbles at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus!- philosophy too, and democracy was conceived on a rock that is called Acropolis and attracts millions of visitors every year.

The modern part of the city offers possibilities to dine, relax body and spirit under sun while drinking coffee at any of the outdoor coffee shops, visit the historical section of the city and the new Acropolis museum, go shopping and of course enjoy nightlife that goes on until small hours not only on weekends but on every day of the week.

The extraordinary taste of Greek cuisine is a good reason of its own to visit Greece- it is so much more than souvlaki and baklava (of course you’ll find those in abundance)- it’s about Mediterranean flavors based on fresh products from the Greek nature and herbs that are a must-have for every Greek home (actually the Mediterranean diet is from there).

Want more?

Do you think that this is all about Greece? No, it’s also hospitality, extroversion, laughter, sense of freedom and maybe the people themselves who make the huge difference. Greeks are passionate, friendly, helpful and smiling, willing to make you feel at home.

There is a Greek word called filotimo  that you cannot find in any dictionary of any other language, meaning something like sense of honor and pride and maybe that’s what describes best Greek people. For Greeks, family comes first and time with friends is a serious affair, often associated with dining together or having a coffee break- don’t be surprised if a Greek invites you home and cooks dinner for you (did you know that Zeus, the chief of Gods of the Greek mythology was a symbol of hospitality?). Music (it is not just bouzouki) and dancing are very important for the Greek culture same as customs and traditions but also having fun and partying is essential. Greeks take their time and like their ancestors, are still thinkers- maybe proud to be descendents of Aristotle and Alexander the Great!  Greek people are travellers- like Odysseus- and do really well with shipping.

Most of the Greek people speak English and lots of them can also communicate in other languages such as French, German and Italian. However, even if they don’t speak anything else than Greek, they are willing to help and give directions by gestures.

A place of paradise for your wedding!

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