How Can I Start Planning My Wedding On My Own?

Are you one of the brides that want to run the project ‘Wedding Planning’ on your own but you don’t know where to start from? Here are some tips that can help you begin:

  • Initially you should book the date and the time at the church. It is very important to have a starting point especially if the church that you want is popular and books dates long time in advance.
  • Then you should discuss with your partner about the reception- are you going to have one after service, in which area, in what style and in what price range. After you decide about the basics, you start searching…
  • Let’s talk about budget…you like lots of things that cost more than what you expected and you wonder how you can manage to stay within your budget. The solution is to choose 2 or 3 good elements that will highlight the wedding event and then be careful on the rest.
  • Focus on the unity of the event and to all the details that are important. They will make the difference turning your big day into an outstanding event!

When planning your wedding day, remember that this day reflects your taste and choices but most of all your own personality as well as your future husband. Choose proposals and ideas that represent you and make your own unique style evident!

Enjoy the preparations and your wedding planning every step throughout!