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Location & Venue Research in Greece

When you plan an event, especially when it is a destination wedding and you organize everything from afar, choosing the right location and venue is one of the most important decisions that you are called to take throughout the entire planning process. The environment of the venue is the canvas for the décor and design result as well as for the operation details that will affect the flow of your wedding day, baptism or other special day.

Greece offers lots of fabulous options and it is probaby easy to get much information online with the click of a button. Nevertheless, the beautiful pictures that you see at a gorgeous location may be misleading and not exactly the perfect fit for what you have dreamt about. We know for sure that not all options are good for everyone and a successful event should be based on choices that address only to your specific needs and individual aspirations.

Through our long experience and so many lovely and fabulous weddings and other events that we have planned and designed, we have created a list of marvelous selected venues in Attica, Athens city, Athens Riviera, the Greek islands and Peloponnese that we recommend for their magnificent location, their exceptional service and their professional attitude.

Attica | Athens City | Athens Riviera

Greek Islands | Peloponnese

How is the Venue Important to the Success of an Event?

The wedding day, the baptism and any other kind of celebration are absolutely ways to celebrate life. They are means to express happiness and joy, to offer hospitality and to bond relationships. When a couple or a family decide to plan an event or party, they actually want to share their new beginning in life, the christening of their child, another year that is added to their age or a career success with people who care about, who are important to them and who want to have by their side on their special day. Our philosophy in the planning process is about an entire event and travel experience, a memorable and unique feast with all senses involved. Selecting the right location and venue to host your event is significant as it will create the backdrop to reveal all the beautiful small details that the whole event puzzle consists of. It is important to satisfy and represent the couple and their families regarding aesthetics and ambiance but also in terms of good catering, quality service and practical matters such as easy access, parking, lounge area, cleaning, restrictions with music and time etc.

The venues that we have selected are resorts, estates, seaside venues, hotels, restaurants and villas that follow the above prerequisites with professionalism and consistency and therefore, contribute significantly to the success of your event. You may browse the pictures that we present on our website and social media pages to get a feeling of what we suggest and feel free to contact us for further information and to help you in your research.