A Whimsical World for the Baptism!

Are you dreaming of a unique baptism event with a creative and exclusive flair?

For us at STYLE CONCEPT, a baptism/christening event means joy, amusement and playtime in a celebration that combines a whimsical outcome with a great guest experience.

A world of color and imagination is unrolled through our creative arrangements. The fantasy magic jumps out of fairytales and the unreal world and transforms into reality through our ideas and proposals, composing a particular and dreamy feast that makes your event the most fabulous celebration.

Whether it is a big and formal event or a party with close relatives and friends, our creative attention is special and premium. We design your event with authentic ideas and original concept schemes keeping an integrated personalized theme style that stands out. Our designs are tailor made and address exclusively to your specific dreams, needs and expectations.

In terms of the design, we start by choosing the

Event Theme that Will Tie all Elements Together

The first impression starts with the invitations, then follow the favors (bonbonieres), the baptismal candle and entire baptismal set, the handmade witness pins (martirika) and finally the decoration of the church and the venue.

We aim for a personalized and branded concept for the event, that is unique and cohesive in colors, materials and main theme.

We adore beautiful combinations and we pay special attention to the color palette of the event and the decor elemens that we will use to ensure that they work perfectly together for the tabletop as well as for the entire styling. We go for solutions that are out of the box and personalized details and we love to consider the latest trends of the event world so to produce an updated and fashionable look.

We get inspiration from you and your lifestyle and it is always a great pleasure to create a never-seen-before magical event with pretty fresh flowers, unique materials, beautiful fabrics, interesting decor items and playful balloons. We love to add decor elements that become the talk of the event like inventive candy tables, fruit corners and chocolate stands.

Portfolio Christenings

Concerning the Younger Guests

Our experienced entertainers recreate them with group games and activities, sports, face painting, artistic and sugar labs, bubble shows and magic, not to mention the pop corn, fresh lemonade and candy floss trolleys that are absolutely a must-have! Let’s have some fun!

Our planning services cover everything that is required for a marvelous event that represents you and your family style. We offer venue recommendations and scheduled meetings, vendor suggestions, budget analysis, menu selection, music, lights, playground and kids area, as well as the coordination of the event day. Our mission is to make every detail perfect from the food to the music and whatever is in between. And, we want the entire process to be as smooth as possible so that you can enjoy the party!

Browse our Portfolio and let’s travel to the fantasy zone together!