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How To Make Your Wedding Menu Outstand

You want to know the big truth about the food at the wedding reception? The bride and groom hardly remember what they ate that night! Not many guests either recall in specific what they ate at anybody’s wedding a few months later. Well, that’s ok. As long as the food is good, the quantities are plenty and everyone is satisfied, then the wedding dinner is successful and it also contributes to the bigger picture of a well-organized wedding party.

Despite the fact that choosing the menu shouldn’t require much effort from the bride and groom (there are expert chefs and catering services to provide guidance and advice), most of the couples and their families worry too much about it and tend to spend more time and money than they should do. Here are two serious menu mistakes that are usually done and some tips to help you avoid them.

Offering innumerable options is not a priority

1. The variety

Statistics show that almost half of the wedding budget goes to the catering and the venue that will host the wedding reception. Sometimes, the budget might explode if the couple decide to order an immense variety of meals, especially if the dinner is served – something that requires more time and manpower, hence is more expensive. A balanced selection of dishes, ingredients and flavors will keep guests satisfied and save you money at the same time.

It’s wise to have a thorough discussion with your caterer in order to achieve the best result according to the special preferences or eventual dietary restrictions of your guests. When you go for a served dinner, trying to satisfy every dietary preference isn’t possible, therefore aim for a menu that appeals to you and to most people’s taste and take into consideration only some special cases such as food allergies, religious restrictions or vegetarian preferences. Considering a buffet menu can be the solution to some of the above challenges.

Great flavors and beautiful presentation but not necessarily the most expensive options

2. The philosophy

Offering quality flavors and a balanced menu is a must for a wedding and it can easily be achieved by a talented chef or a cater who knows how to be creative by using fresh ingredients to produce interesting recipes. If your budget is restricted, you can minimize more expensive options like sushi, expensive seafood, premium beef and delicatessen or gourmet food.

Nevertheless, you can be inventive with some special touches like a local seafood selection station or an oyster bar that will be a really elegant addition to your cocktail hour if you are looking for a wedding party by the sea or on the beach.

Offer a little something to the experienced wine lovers like a sophisticated choice of wines accompanied with a cheese board with fresh fruits, nuts, crispy bread sticks and jams.

Another great idea for all those of you who plan their wedding in Greece: opt for an olive oil tasting station with selected high quality olive oil, olives, bread and dried fruit. The treasures of the Mediterranean nature will surely be appreciated by everyone, especially your International guests.

Food stations can be interesting like for example, a gourmet pizza station or a ‘make-your-own taco’ bar with a variety of toppings.

A smart option for the vegetarians, would be a farmer’s market stand filled with fresh biological fruit and veggies, so that your guests can make their own ‘mix and match’ veggie meal.

Style Concept loves talking about food. Contact us so that we share some more wedding menu inspiration with you!

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