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Let’s Talk About Wedding Budget!

Congratulations! Felicitations! Συγχαρητήρια! In every language, the meaning of the word is the same and the feelings of happiness and anticipation after saying ‘I do’ to your future spouse are deep and strong in every part of the world.

The next few weeks after the wedding proposal, will be full of exciting moments as you will be sharing your news with your friends and family and you will start putting together a once-in-a-lifetime event.

There are lots of things to be done, details to be considered that can confuse even the most decisive couples. More than anything, at Style Concept we believe that enjoying every single moment of the bridal preparation period is the important part rather than stressing out about the logistics of the event, therefore, we would like to guide you towards the right direction regarding where to start from with your wedding planning.

As much as we would love to go directly to the fun of table decorations, flower samples and cake tastings, we can’t avoid talking about budget. We know that money conversations can be awkward, especially if you have just put the engagement ring in your finger, but it is important to set the basis for an event that will meet your dreams and expectations without letting expenses stress you out.

Here are some things to consider when starting planning your wedding:

1. Who Pays For What?

Traditionally the bride and her family cover the reception expenses including the venue, food, drinks, cake as well as the photographer and videographer. Nowadays however, as both brides and grooms work and are more independent than ever, everything goes. Many couples choose to fund their own wedding from the ceremony to the celebration while others get support from one or both sets of parents. This is something that has to be discussed at the beginning so that you can feel comfortable about your upcoming decisions.

2. What Style Of Wedding Do You Envision?

As just no two couples are the same, no two weddings could be alike. Whether you dream of a classic grand fairytale event, an elegant small scale dinner, a huge dancing party with friends and drinks or a destination wedding in Greece, it is important to establish a budget before anything else. Even if you don’t know yet what the category expenses may be exactly, you probably know the maximum amount that you are willing to spend.

3. Where Does The Money Go in the Wedding?

We are often asked by couples during our first meeting, in what way the wedding expenses are distributed. We like to point out that every wedding is so different from the other that we don’t have an answer beforehand. All depends on the couple’s personalities and priorities. While one couple may invest in a breathtaking venue or fascinating flower arrangements, the other may consider that a live band or a bar service with signature cocktails is more significant or essential to the success of their celebration. Usually most of the wedding expenses (approximately 50% of the total budget) will be on the wedding reception, no matter how big or low-key event you are planning.

  • High season means premium costs. If you decide to get married during the busy season- eg. June to September for Greece- you will need to pay more rather than if you chose a lower season like spring months, October or November that the weather is still pleasant.
  • Weekends cost more than weekdays. Saturdays are the most popular days to marry and have higher demand and therefore, higher prices. If you are undecided on the day or if you will be combining your wedding in Greece with your honeymoon and vacation, you can consider a Friday, Sunday or week day for your wedding. You will have better service and can often save money.
  • More guests mean more expenses. It seems obvious but couples are usually so excited about their upcoming wedding that they want to invite everyone they know. Keep in mind that the bigger the guest list, the more the needs, the bigger the budget.

We’ll be happy to help you more in planning your wedding in sunny Greece. Contact Style Concept now to get one step closer to your dream celebration!

Best Wishes and looking forward to seeing you soon in Greece!

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