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Welcome to the fabulous journey of wedding planning with us!

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Destination weddings in Greece

From the very start of our operation almost twenty years ago, destination weddings in Greece have been our specialty. Our mission is to design events that are beyond the ordinary – events that are utterly mesmerizing and unforgettable, blending your culture with a dash of Greece’s magic.

We work closely with you, despite the location, to deliver not only a remarkable event but also a distinctive and exceptional travel experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Planning a Wedding from Afar? Not a Problem!

We understand that organizing a wedding from a distance can be a daunting and complex task. With our vast knowledge and expertise, we’ve created a planning process to be an enjoyable and anticipated experience!

Venue Research

We all know that an event’s success is significantly influenced by the venue choice. It’s essential to find a location that speaks to your heart and sets the stage for an unforgettable affair- from the dazzling decor to the fascinating moments of your special day.

Whether you’re planning your event in the birthplace of Democracy, Athens, the enchanting Greek islands or the stunning Peloponnese, we’re here to help you explore all the possibilities.

Beyond the well-known cosmopolitan venues of the Athens Riviera, we offer access to hidden gems all over Greece. Unlike easily accessible online resources, our wedding planning services have a personal touch. Drawing upon years of experience, we offer insights into the pros and cons of each location, along with exclusive information and little secrets that only an experienced wedding planner can provide.



Vendor Recommendations

Throughout our years in operation, we have established a network of trusted and reliable vendors within the Greek event market. This network includes photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, sound and lighting companies, bands, performers and stylists, amongst others. These professionals share the same enthusiasm with us, an element that can make all the difference in creating a breathtaking event for you.

Once we’ve talked to you about your event’s requirements and expectations, we’ll present you with a narrowed list of recommended vendors that align with your style, budget, and needs. We will be excited to introduce them to you, and we’ll continue to take care of the logistics and coordinate the details, to ensure that everything meets your vision and stays on schedule.

Conceptualization & Event Design

Designing the event is probably the most fascinating part of the entire planning process. From dreamy backdrops and fresh florals to elegant furniture, epic dance floors and all the little touches in between, we’ll work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

Regardless of the size of your event, whether it’s a small soiree or a grand extravaganza, our goal is to create a seamless theme that unifies colors, décor details, and ambiance. The music, the food, the lights, the fireworks and the entertainment are also key components for this enchanting atmosphere. We go beyond the ordinary by incorporating the latest trends and innovative ideas that may have not crossed your mind. We wish to create a cohesive concept and a magnificent atmosphere for you, your families and guests. Above all, we aim to sprinkle your personality and unique style into your big day, in perfect harmony between a signature event and an outstanding experience.



Scheduled Meetings & Event Logistics

In the planning stage, scheduling site inspections and vendor meetings will be important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the space and the team with whom we will collaborate. If you are located outside Greece, we will find ways to show you the venue, present samples, and make online meetings.

By going through the process with you, we will handle all the logistics and inform you of our procedures allowing you to enjoy every minute and every second of your wedding without having to worry about anything.

As event planners, we want to help you visualize your event and make sure that you are confident about every aspect of the outcome.

Wedding Ceremony

Getting married in Greece is possible, whether you prefer a religious, civil, or symbolic ceremony.

A religious Greek wedding, is a culturally enriching experience and valid worldwide that enables the couple to blend family traditions into their special day. On the other hand, a civil wedding can take place in a town hall while on certain islands, you have the option to exchange vows in charming outdoor locations.

Symbolic weddings, while not legally recognized, can be just as meaningful, allowing couples to create personalized rituals to celebrate their union.

Regardless of your choice, we are here to guide you every step of the way, from the necessary documents, translations and actions required to obtain a marriage license to organizing a picture-perfect symbolic ceremony. This means you can spend less time stressing about bureaucracy, and more time enjoying your special moment.



Stationary, Seating Charts, Graphic Concept

A cohesive graphic concept is so important and goes beyond visual pleasure. It provides a storyline, inspired by who you are, that enhances the event’s presentation and overall guest experience. From the moment guests receive the beautifully designed invitations, to the moment they find their seats at the reception through an elegantly crafted seating chart, every detail contributes to a sense of unity, beauty and purpose.

Thoughtfully chosen favors, menu cards, and personalized welcome signs are other opportunities to elevate the wedding aesthetic. Above all, these constant visual elements subtly connect all aspects of the occasion, forming a unique identity that stands out in the minds of guests even after the event has ended.

Cake, Food & Drinks

At every wedding in Greece, food and drinks play a vital role during the reception.

We will assist you in crafting the perfect menu, whether served or buffet style, tailored to your gastronomic preferences and considering any dietary restrictions, allergies, ethical needs, and children’s menus. Additionally, we will provide guidance on setting up a fantastic bar featuring signature cocktails and mocktails to keep the party going!

Let’s not forget about the wedding cake, the superstar of the celebration, symbolizing the couple’s first joint task as newlyweds when they ceremoniously cut it together.

With our dream team of caterers, mixologists and pastry chefs we are committed to helping you create a culinary experience that will not only delight your flavor senses but will also add to the joyous atmosphere of your celebration!



Timeline & Fine Tuning

As the wedding date approaches, it’s crucial to focus on refining the final details. This includes meticulously reviewing the guest list, making adjustments to the floor plan, ensuring hotel reservations are in place, and organizing transportation for the bride, groom, families, bridal party, and guests.

Additionally, we will go over the wedding day timeline and the pre-wedding event program with you to make any needed modifications. We will then develop customized timelines and briefing documents for each vendor. Our goal is to ensure that all parties involved in the event are well-informed and aligned. We know well that a bonded and coordinated team is the key for a successful and unforgettable celebration!

Wedding Day Coordination

The wedding day is for you to cherish moments with your family and friends. The good news is that you won’t have to lift a finger, because we will take care of everything. Our team is prepared to oversee your special day, coordinating the venue decorations, the crews at the getting ready location, the ceremony set up, the smooth flow of the timeline and all the details in between.

We want to offer you peace of mind and a memorable experience with many happy moments. This is our mission and what we are known for.

Let us handle the logistics while you focus on celebrating love and creating lifelong moments with your nearest and dearest!


Why Choose Style Concept?

Established in 2005, we have acquired valuable knowledge that can certainly work to your benefit. Our continuous training as well as our interaction with an uncountable number of Greek and International couples allow us to see the uniqueness of each occasion, as no two weddings or events are alike. Our familiarity with the local wedding & event market and our relationships with the top vendors of Greece give you access to some of the most sought-after professionals ensuring that we provide you with the best.

We offer certified wedding planning services based on a structured program and one-to-one co-operation

We love to be creative and innovative to craft designs that are not repeated. Drawing inspiration from you, we dedicate our efforts exclusively on you so to produce bespoke events that truly reflect your unique lifestyle and personalities.

We bring your wedding dream into reality working within time frames and respecting your budget.

We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages. Instead, we attentively listen to your specific requirements to craft a bespoke and exceptional event tailored exclusively for you. Your trust in us for your special occasion is deeply valued, and we express our gratitude for choosing us.

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