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Location & Venue Research in Greece

When you plan an event, especially when it is a destination wedding and you organize everything from afar, choosing the right location and venue is one of the most important decisions that you are called to take throughout the entire planning process. The venue’s atmosphere is the canvas for the décor and design outcomes, as well as for the operational details that impact the smooth flow of your wedding day or any other special occasion.

Welcome to the fabulous journey of wedding planning with us!

Greece offers numerous fantastic options and it is probaby easy to get much information online with the click of a button. Nevertheless, the beautiful pictures that you see at a gorgeous location may be misleading and not exactly the perfect fit for what you have dreamt about. It’s clear that not all options suit everyone, and a successful event should focus on choices tailored to your specific needs and individual aspirations. This is where we step in to share our expertise and exclusive tips that only an experienced wedding planner can provide.

Throughout our extensive experience in organizing and designing numerous beautiful weddings and events, we have curated a selected list of exceptional venues in Athens city, the Athens Riviera, the Greek islands, and Peloponnese.

The venues we have chosen include resorts, estates, sea-view locations, hotels, restaurants, and villas that meet the specified criteria with professionalism and consistency.

Check out the images showcased on our website and social media to discover our suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and help with your search.

Discovering Greece: An Adventure Awaits

You have probably heard of Greece before- a small spot of land on the SouthΕast end of Europe surrounded by sea on three sides. Did you know that Greece is considered to be one of the top travel and wedding destinations globally?

Travelling to Greece is effortless with frequent flights available from all over the world. Greece is probably known as the land of the islands- there are 3.000 of Greek islands and islets scattered all over the Aegean and Ionian seas, nevertheless only 130 of them are inhabited, each varying in size, character, and opportunities.

However, Greece is more than just that; it is a country of diverse landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else in the world. From the stunning sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and picturesque islands to the lush forests, whitewashed villages, traditional stone architecture, and modern aspect of the cities, Greece has it all. You might even find yourself pleasantly surprised when walking or driving around and stumbling upon magnificent archaeological sites.

Greece is the place where wonderful experiences never end.

The perfect combination of stunning landscapes, rich culture, epic history, fab weather, delicious food, and passionate people make Greece THE spot for a
life-changing destination wedding.

The vibes of Greece 1

Music, dancing, customs, and traditions are like the Greek culture’s secret spices, but let’s not forget the cherry on top – partying and enjoying to the fullest, whether it’s to bouzouki melodies or international beats!

The majority of Greek people are fluent in English, with many also proficient in languages like French, German, and Italian. Even if they only speak Greek, they’ll still guide you with hand signals and a smile whenever you’re lost!

We believe that weddings and all types of celebrations are ultimately a celebration of life itself. They are ways to express happiness and joy, extend hospitality, and strengthen relationships.

Destination weddings in Greece are not the only type of events that we plan and style, but it’s where our creativity and passion really shine and sparkle.

The Vibes of Greece

Greece is not only about the landscapes, it is also about hospitality, extroversion, laughter, a sense of freedom, and perhaps the people themselves who truly stand out. Greeks are enthusiastic, welcoming, and cheerful, eager to ensure you feel welcome and at ease.

In the Greek language, there is a word called ‘filotimo‘, which cannot be found in dictionaries of other languages. It conveys a sense of honor, pride and helping others, perhaps encapsulating the essence of Greek culture.

In Greek society, family takes priority, and socializing with friends is a significant event, usually involving shared meals or coffee breaks. It’s common for Greeks to invite you over and prepare dinner for you, so don’t be taken aback by their hospitality.

The vibes of Greece 2

Our philosophy in the planning process is about a complete event and travel experience, offering a memorable and distinctive feast that engages all the senses. Respecting your customs, values and lifestyle, we infuse them all into your wedding event, breathing new life into time-honored traditions.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Greece, a true paradise on earth.

We are looking forward to planning your fairytale wedding soon and showing you the best of Greece!

Discover Greece for your event!

Athens & the Athens Riviera

The Greek Islands & Peloponnese

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