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We appreciate your presence here and for considering us to plan your dream wedding in Greece.
Weddings hold a special place in our hearts, and it would be a privilege to plan a ‘Style Concept’ wedding for you. Drawing from nearly twenty years of experience, we are excited to collaborate with you to bring your wedding vision into a stunning reality.
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Planning Your Event with

Love makes the world go round and your one-of-a-kind love story deserves a unique celebration.

Our philosophy is that celebrations should engage all five senses, evoke emotions, showcase your personalities, sparkle with laughter and joy in the company of your loved ones. We passionately believe that your love story isn’t just a tale to tell, it’s an experience to be shared, and every detail of your event is a chance to echo this sentiment.

Over the past two decades, we’ve gained valuable experience in planning, which ultimately benefits you. Our ongoing education and training, along with our interactions with countless Greek and International couples from six continents, have taught us the importance of approaching each event uniquely. We understand that no two weddings or events are the same, and we use our knowledge to make every occasion remarkable and extraordinary.

Thanks to our long-term relationships in the event and wedding local market, we have access to some of the most sought-after professionals Greece has to offer, ensuring that we deliver the very best.

So come, let us create for you an experience where luxury isn’t just promised, but personalized.

Let's talk wedding design!

Our favorite part of your big day

We start by getting to know all the important details that are meaningful to you, such as your flower preferences and color schemes, your favorite food and drinks. We brainstorm ideas that will make your wedding day stand out from the crowd. Think gorgeous florals, epic live music, dazzling dance shows, enchanting fairy lights and even some fireworks to light up the night!

Once we have all the ideas, we’ll create a bespoke design presentation that includes all your must-haves and unique requests. We’ll guide you through the latest wedding trends and help you incorporate them into your own special day.

Finally, we’ll handle the logistics and bring your dream decor to life – the perfect backdrop for the happiest day of your life!

Location & Venue Research in Greece

When you plan an event, especially when it is a destination wedding and you organize everything from afar, choosing the right location and venue is one of the most important decisions that you are called to take throughout the entire planning process. The venue’s atmosphere is the canvas for the décor and design outcomes, as well as for the operational details that impact the smooth flow of your wedding day or any other special occasion.

Welcome to the fabulous journey of wedding planning with us!

Greece offers numerous fantastic options and it is probaby easy to get much information online with the click of a button. Nevertheless, the beautiful pictures that you see at a gorgeous location may be misleading and not exactly the perfect fit for what you have dreamt about. It’s clear that not all options suit everyone, and a successful event should focus on choices tailored to your specific needs and individual aspirations. This is where we step in to share our expertise and exclusive tips that only an experienced wedding planner can provide.

Throughout our extensive experience in organizing and designing numerous beautiful weddings and events, we have curated a selected list of exceptional venues in Athens city, the Athens Riviera, the Greek islands, and the Peloponnese.

The venues we have chosen include resorts, estates, sea-view locations, hotels, restaurants, and villas that meet the specified criteria with professionalism and consistency.

Check out the images showcased on our website and social media to discover our suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and help with your search.

Why Style Concept?

We make ideas happen!

We’re all about making magical moments that you’ll cherish forever. Our secret ingredient? We create events that engage all five senses, infusing your personal style and weaving your tale into the experience. Milestones are rare and precious, and the opportunity to curate your special day is a privilege that we take seriously. Plus, we have connections with the top vendors in Greece, so you can have the crème de la crème of professionals making your day unforgettable!

We don’t just offer you solutions related to the logistics and the never-seen-before creative part but above all, we offer you THE EXPERIENCE. This is what sets us apart and what we are known for.

Destination Wedding Experience Reflecting Your Unique Style

Destination weddings in Greece- from the idyllic Athens Riviera to the stunning Greek Islands and the fascinating Peloponnese- have always been an integral part of our work. The months of planning, dedication, and beautiful effort that goes into creating these events to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of our clients gives us a sense of purpose. We believe in crafting captivating and memorable events that go beyond the ordinary. We value the charm of five-star luxury and strive to incorporate this essence into all we do. Our services aren’t just about planning and executing an event; they are about an elevated travel experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Let’s create the best wedding experience together, because every love story deserves a touch of Greek magic!

Where there is love, there is life

Love Words

GEORGIA Nena and Style Concept - Our Athens Fairytale!

Oh, where do I even begin with our fabulous wedding planner, Nena from Style Concept? She's an absolute rockstar, and if I could give her more than 5 stars, I totally would! Planning a destination wedding in Athens had me a bit jittery, but Nena made the whole experience a breeze. From day one, she brought so much professionalism and savvy advice to the table, turning our dreams into a reality. Nena went above and beyond and even secured fairy lights that we were certain couldn't fit with our budget. She hustled throughout the whole process and the results were absolutely phenomenal. I still remember the feeling looking over the balcony with my now husband and we were both pinching ourselves that this was OUR wedding! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! A seriously stunning day that left all of our guests in awe! I've even gone as far as hooking up my brother and future sister-in-law to work with Nena and Style Concept and can't wait to see what beauty Nena creates for them! When you find a wedding MVP you've got to share the love.

MICHELLE Dream wedding in Athens!

Nena and Style Concept went above and beyond to make our dream wedding a reality! Nena was so professional, helpful and understanding of our vision. We wanted a very specific vibe, and we ended up with exactly we wanted because of Nena's help! I never wanted the events to end because we had so much fun and the best time of our lives. I could never thank her enough for everything she did to organize the wedding. Another wonderful thing was that she was at the events, coordinating: She made us feel secure, and ensured everything went smoothly. I can't express how much I recommend Nena and Style Concept! They will make your vision a reality!

AHMAD We had a very wonderful Experience! She is unmatched in her service and attention to detail!

Nena is truly unmatched in her service and attention to detail! She is very organized, and very patient and thoughtful. She knows how to organize and plan everything, and made the process so easy for us! Our wedding was perfect because of her dedication and experience! Simply the Best! Thank you so much Nena for the wonderful memories!

RANA Highly professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Thank you to Nena and her team at Style Concept for their diligent time, effort, patience, and most importantly--your positive and amazing attitude throughout the entire journey of our wedding planning. You have indeed helped bring our vision to life and exceeded our expectations and for that, we are truly grateful we hired you as our planner! Nena is very calm and pleasant to communicate with--her energy is radiant and positive!

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