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5 Ways To Plan A Wedding While Being A Career Woman

Well, we all have to admit that planning a wedding is quite an overwhelming task, especially when you also have a full time job and a life to live until your big day. Wedding planning requires time, energy, an eye for decoration, endless reserach and follow up from the moment you start till the moment you walk down the aisle. There are some good news though: it is possible to get things done with less effort and significantly less stress. Here are a few tips, so that you put things in order when you start making plans in order to relax and enjoy a great part of your wedding preparation period. Ready to learn more?

1. Get organized

It’s time to utilize all these apps and gadgets that you use for your work on a daily basis for your big personal project, as well! Try some online planners, start making separate lists such as a wedding planning checklist, a wedding budget checklist, a wedding vendor checklist and of course a wedding guest checklist. Use tags, folders or anything that might help you organize your content. Invest most of your time in prioritizing. Save time by finding inspiration through social media. You ‘ll be amazed on how whimsical and exhilarating Pinterest and Instagram can be.

2. Manage your time

It would be wise to set goals from the beginning, in order not to get distracted and also make use of your time in the most fruitful way possible. Wedding tasks should be added to your calendar. Schedule useful reminders on your smartphone and your computer.

3. Delegate

Keep in mind that during this special period of your life, there are possibly some people around you who may want to participate by helping you. Don’t hesitate to involve your beloved ones, friends and family, however be sure to delegate the right duties to the right people. The point is to make the wedding preparation period exciting and pleasant for everyone, offering them the satisfaction of contribution while not burdening anyone.

4. Turn to the experts

Make a good and supportive team. Invest in an experienced wedding planner. You‘ll never regret. Even if your budget doesn’t allow full wedding planning services by a professional, do consider to hire a coordinator for a partial wedding planning or consulting. The wedding professionals are there to handle as much or as little as you want; it’s up to you whether you need to have someone by your side all the time or part time assistance and advise. You can always ask to get extra time, new ideas and have back up plans gained by experience. That’s why we call it an investment! In addition, no matter how big fan you are of DIY projects, if you don’t have the time to work on them yourself, you should consider hiring a professional to bring every dream or Pinterest aspiration of yours into reality.

5. Communicate

Share your thoughts and wishes and just talk, talk, talk. Be clear before ordering, purchasing or signing anything. Share your thoughts on style, set up, colors, concept and pricing. It’s important to communicate the right message to your suppliers and planner. Finally, always remember that it is of major importance to have a discussion with your fiancé before making any big decision. It’s important to be on the same page, to make plans together and take decisions that will satisfy both of you. It’s actually the beginning of learning how to share a life together!

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