The Advantages of Planning A Destination Wedding In Greece

Destination weddings seem to be a recent trend among couples nowadays but after a further research one can realize that they are definitely more than that. A destination wedding apart from being an exciting and fascinating event away from home, it can also be a cost effective and stress-free experience ensuring that your wedding focuses on just the two of you as a couple and the people you love and you choose to surround you on your big day. If you are considering the Mediterranean area for your wedding event, we give you below some good reasons why you should consider having a destination wedding in Greece as well as some useful tips to manage effectively the logistics:

  • Greece has always been a popular destination in Europe for its mild climate, the sunny weather, the amazing coastlines and blue waters, the delicious food and the so called Greek hospitality. The birthplace of mythology, the home of philosophy and the Classics and the place were democracy and theater were born, it combines history with the modern side of life. Greece as a wedding destination has a lot to offer- spectacular locations in Athens, the suburbs of Attica, the country’s mainland and of course the Greek islands.
  • Getting to Greece is easy by frequent flights from all over the world and it’s worth exploring it as it offers a diversity of landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else- awarded beaches, breathtaking islands feeling like intact paradise, white washed villages, snow covered mountains, forests, towns with traditional stone architecture and archaeological sites that are right next to you while you are walking or driving. Can you imagine that democracy was conceived on a rock that is called Acropolis and attracts millions of visitors every year?
  • If you choose to visit Athens, the modern part of the city offers possibilities to dine and relax body and spirit under sun. Moreover, you can visit the historical section of the city and the new Acropolis museum, go for shopping and of course enjoy nightlife that goes on until small hours not only on weekends but on almost every day of the week, especially during summer months. Apart from your wedding event, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the beauties of the city and lots of sightseeing as well as swimming and water sports at beaches of the southern suburbs and the Athens Riviera.
  • Geographically placed between Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa, Greece is often chosen as the ideal meeting point for an international destination wedding. The marriage license issued in Greece is absolutely legal and valid throughout the world, so it is an opportunity to consider it especially if you are looking to combine your wedding with your honeymoon or vacation with families and friends, too. Regarding wedding planning, there are options for different levels and budgets and a variety of locations and venues to choose from. Those of you who are interested in a premium or luxury wedding, possibilities are like you are going to have the wedding of your dreams in relatively lower prices than anywhere else in terms of gastronomy, activities,
    event design, overall services and accommodation.
  • By deciding to have a destination wedding, whether it is Greece or elsewhere in the world, you have a very good excuse to limit your guest list and invite the people you really want to have around you on these very special moments. A wedding at home often makes you feel obliged to invite everyone while the travel requirements, the longer time commitment and the hotel stays of a destination wedding help you set the right priorities. A destination wedding can be considered as the most private wedding you can have.
  • Destination weddings are the perfect occasion in order to make your wedding day last longer and spend some quality time with your dearest ones, combining an unforgettable event with your honeymoon or vacation. Furthermore, your guests may be able to save on their holidays, as many resorts usually offer discount rates in case of group bookings.
  • Given the fact that planning a wedding abroad might be extremely time-consuming and stressful due to eventual language barriers, legalities and paperwork, as well as business practices and social culture not familiar to you, it is suggested to hire a professional planner. However, if you do decide to plan the wedding yourself: get in contact with a native speaker in order to avoid misunderstandings with your suppliers, visit the wedding location before your wedding day, consult the foreign embassy or consulate of the country you are getting married, so you get to know what are the necessary legal requirements. In case you find the option of a legal wedding abroad quite complicated, there’s always the alternative of a symbolic blessing ceremony. If you opt for the legal ceremony, invest on an experienced wedding planner, who is able to take care of all the paperwork as well. A wedding professional actually saves you money making the best out of your resources.

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You can now expand your senses and emotions and prepare yourself for an amazing wedding that you will remember forever.

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Photo credits to the talented team of Studio Phosart from destination weddings that we have planned in Greece.