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Living Coral at the Beach


The Theme

Inspired by Pantone’s Color ‘Living Coral’

VISION & DESIGN ELEMENTS The vibrant hue of ‘Living Coral’ was our muse for crafting a delightful and sophisticated beach wedding setup. We aimed to blend the blue tones of the sea and sky, creating an ambiance where one could almost feel the breeze and scent the sea. The sandy beach of the Athens Riviera provided the ideal backdrop, evoking a unique ‘island look and feel’.

Our design featured an exquisite wedding table adorned with beautiful florals, vibrant linens, elegant porcelain dishes, and luxurious tableware. We crafted distinctive favors for guests and incorporated gold accents to add a touch of luxury (because who says beach weddings can’t be elegant?). Embracing a color palette of coral, pink, peach, and hints of teal, we matched the ethnic patterns on our Save the Date cards, table numbers, and cocktail menus.


Luxury Beach Vibes

In this bright coral and pink-themed beach styled shoot, our aim was to capture the serene ambiance typical of wedding events by the sea. Beyond showcasing an exquisite table set up, we curated a lounge space adorned with plush rugs, cozy pillows, and elegant bronze lanterns. A sophisticated golden console served as the centerpiece, tastefully presenting delicacies such as the cake, desserts, cocktails, and fresh blooms. This setting exuded an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury, aiming to invite guests to unwind and savor the moment, mirroring the tranquil essence of seaside celebrations.


Spark Inspiration & Optimism

There was a lot of upfront planning and we worked as a bonded team to make sure that everything was taken care of, like we always do when we have a real wedding.

We hope that our work inspires you and motivates you for optimism and lots of joyful pursuits!

Snapshot Highlights

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