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My Premium Greek Wedding & Design Package (Full Planning Services)

Are you dreaming of a wedding in Greece that will be a lifetime experience incorporating luxury details and finishing touches that will outstand?

My Premium Greek Wedding & Design Package is a specifically designed program that usually starts 12-14 months before the wedding and aims to provide assistance, advice, and attention from A to Z covering all the details and logistics of your wedding planning. Moreover, it is designed to be a genuine source of inspiration about your wedding design bringing all your Pinterest dreams into reality, replacing stress with fun and anticipation for a fabulous celebration. It addresses to the busy savvy couples who are detail oriented, have an eye for premium designs and prefer to have full professional support throughout the entire wedding planning procedure.

It is also suitable for those of you who plan a destination wedding weekend either in Athens, the Greek islands or anywhere else in Greece or a bigger production celebration with higher demands and expectations. We make sure that you will not forget or miss any of those small touches that you’ve been dreaming about and above all, we ensure that you tell your love story by projecting your unique individual style.

Please take the time to have a look at our work here.

If you feel that we have the same approach and passion for weddings and that we are a match, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us either by email or Skype to let you know how we can make your dream wedding a reality!

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My Amazing Greek Destination Wedding Package

Dreaming of relaxing your body and soul under the warm sun, swimming in crystal clear blue waters and enjoying your drink with the love of your life in front of an incredible sunset?

Then, Greece is the right wedding destination for you! Getting married in Greece is not just a ceremony and a reception with good food and drinks but an experience that expands your senses and remains unforgettable for a lifetime.

Whether you choose Athens, any of the (130 inhabited) Greek islands or the magical mainland, this package is promising to expand your horizons, handle all the big or small things of your wedding preparation and day itself and most important…take the stress off your shoulders and let you enjoy your big day to the maximum. Planning a wedding from distance requires endless hours of research and it is often associated with the fear of making the wrong choices with vendors, locations as well as coordinating in a timely manner the whole wedding group and event.

My Amazing Greek Destination Wedding Package ideally starts 12 months before the wedding and aims to provide help and expert advice as well as management of the logistics that are associated with a destination wedding. You will feel relaxed and happy from the very beginning knowing that you are in good hands and professional care focusing exclusively on your needs and budget. This is the perfect planning program to guarantee an exciting and easy going time for the couple from the very first moment for a destination wedding event in Greece to be remembered as the best experience in a lifetime!

 With My Amazing Greek Destination Wedding Package you can start celebrating before your event even begins! Let’s dream together!

 Award Winning Most Popular Destination Planner at Wedding Industry Experts (1st in Athens, 7th Worldwide)

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My Greek Wedding Nice & Easy! 

That moment that you say ‘I do’ you don’t realize yet that you need to plan a wedding soon.

Researching on venues, designs and numerous wedding vendors can be exhausting, not to say how overwhelming it is when you have to make the right decisions about everything, especially if you plan a wedding abroad.

My Greek Wedding Nice & Easy! Package is perfect for the couples who actively want to be part of their wedding and have planned already or are still in the process of arranging the basic parts but need a professional planner to advise them, to make the perfect matchmaking with the vendors who have not been booked yet, to gather all pieces together and help with the finishing details ensuring that their wedding will sparkle within a budget. The program usually starts 9-11 months before the wedding and includes assistance within the preparation period and coordination of the wedding day.

In order to understand your needs, dreams & expectations and moreover answer to your questions, we would love to schedule a skype call with you (styleconcept.greece is our skype name; go ahead and make us a contact request to be connected) or receive your email here!

Award Winning Most Popular Wedding Planning Service at Wedding Industry Experts (1st in Athens, 1st in Greece, 9th Worldwide)

Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award Winner

Month of Co-ordination or Peace of Mind Package

You are doing well with planning your own wedding but you suddenly realize that your big day will be a full time work for you and for your families?

No-way! You can now have someone to handle last minute details, to follow up on the orders and vendors, to correct something if it is possible in short notice and to coordinate the wedding day from morning until the evening reception. We call it the Month of Co-ordination or Peace of Mind Package – because this is a more realistic description of what it offers.

The Month of Co-ordination program extends beyond the simple supervising of the wedding day, as someone may assume, for the reason that it includes a detailed analysis of the event, site inspections of the ceremony location and the reception venue, follow up of all vendors, a wedding day timeline and wedding planning tips that may be amazingly useful and contribute to the event success! We start 1 month before the wedding date, however booking should be done 2-3 months in advance upon availability.

Maintaining your life style and having a dreamy and perfectly coordinated wedding event is now possible! Let’s Do This!

Design Your Fabulous Wedding!

You have already thought of your wedding concept, the general decoration plan but you still miss the details that make the difference?

Design Your Fabulous Wedding! is a specialized program focusing on styling ideas & proposals adapted exclusively to your own wedding. It addresses to the couples who are demanding in concern with their event design, who are looking for something original, creative and inspirational that characterizes their style and personality and will finally make their wedding day stand out in the proper scenery.

Having recorded the elements that represent you in terms of style and budget, we don’t only propose you decoration options but we make them happen coordinating the implementation. Make the next step now!


(this amount is extracted later from the fee, if you continue with any of the first 3 packages)

The Perfect Venue Research

If you believe that your wedding planning process should begin from locating the appropriate venue and you need a professional assistance in this procedure, then the Perfect Venue Research program is ideal for you!

After our meeting, where we’ll keep record of how you dream of the ideal venue for your wedding, within a few days we will send you a detailed report with up to 8 selected available venues, photos, comparison menus and quotes so that you decide at your ease.

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Our major advantage is our certified knowledge to provide professional services of planning, designing and coordinating the wedding event, however you have the possibility to make separate orders in invitations, favors and other products that you will find at our boutique showroom or our e-shop, as well as flower arrangements for the church and the reception without the commitment of a service program.

Are you interested in a small wedding for 30 guests or less? Contact us for more information at

Enjoy Your Wedding Planning with the only Certified Bridal Consultant in Greece and Award Winner of the Wedding Industry Experts Awards !

All the above prices are net excluding vat 24%.

For out of Athens events, travel and accomodation expenses should be covered.

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