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Greece, Greek People… and The Rest of the World!

Time for a small survey! For those of you who have never been to Greece before, what is your opinion about Greek people? For those of you who are Greek, what do you think that people visiting Greece believe about our country and our people?

The answer is here and it is very interesting! A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet a lovely young couple coming from Canada & currently living in Dubai, who made a short trip to Greece- for the first time in their lives- in order to plan their destination wedding that will take place in Greece in a few months. Being their wedding planner, we visited together different locations, venues, churches, hotels, bridalwear stores, other professionals and we met several people who helped us throughout this tour. Stopping for a coffee break and chatting about several things, they spontaneously expressed how pleasantly surprised they were by the cordial, polite, helpful and professional people they had met and also from the smiling faces that noticed on the unknown pedestrians walking by them. Before coming to Greece they had a different impression and everything was finally much better than they expected! This conversation, apart from making me feel enormously happy inspired me to write this article so to share this story with you . When I asked Emilie for her permission to mention their names, this is the answer I received: ‘Alex and I had a great stay in Athens and we loved the city and people. You can surely use our names in your blog! I would not say that we had a wrong impression about Greeks; we were very neutral before coming. It is very true, however, that we had heard negative things (sometimes even from Greeks living abroad) which happened to be inaccurate!!! Alex and I both found a great majority of very welcoming, friendly/smiley, hardworking, helpful and service-oriented people who contributed to our amazing experience in Athens. So feel free to write about it! …We already look forward to coming back!!’

Isn’t all that just amazing? Those of you who are Greek, don’t you feel tremendously proud by listening to all these wonderful words? Those of you who are non Greek, do I see you already making plans, looking for tickets and dreaming of a trip?

Greece is here with its own color, smell, music, cuisine, personality and uniqueness waiting for you to get to know and explore its beauties and hospitality!

by Nena Papadopoulou- Wedding Planner at Style Concept