The beautiful outcome and the happy faces that we see at the events that we create, reward our work. So do the lovely reviews and comments that we receive from you and are so valuable to us! Please read below what they wrote about us:

Dear Nena,
I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the work you did for George’s baptism. To say everything was beautiful would be a complete understatement! Your hard work and beautiful presentation did go noticed. I saw every extra detail and LOVED everything you did. Thank you, thank you so much. You made our evening so extra special. Please consider me a 100% reference for anything you ever need in the future. I hope we can work together again in the future and if you need anything at all in Florida (please come visit sometime) please let us know.
Can’t thank you enough!!
I will fill out the survey now.

“Style concept is a highly professional organised skillful agency. Nena is such a friendly person who offers creative ideas and implements them in coordination with her innovative team.My first encounter with her occurred over the phone as I stumbled across her website and was amazed with the presentation and her competence.
I was impressed with Nena and her attention to detail as she kept us (my husband and I) aware with her progress through frequent appointments and brainstorming ideas that captured our individuality completely. Always, she was very helpful, prompt in her responses and appointments, friendly, approachable, dedicated, reliable and I recommend her to anyone looking for an event planner.
Overall, it was such a pleasure working with her and in future events i will not think twice about hiring her excellent services.
i am grateful that we had our dream wedding come true and without any difficulties all thanks to Nena and her supportive team”

“A few days ago my husband and I had our 54th wedding anniversary, an event entirely planned by Style Concept. The daughter of our friends recommended her wedding planner, Nena, to help us organize this very special day for us. So, we had an initial meeting with Nena at her office, where we had a conversation about how we imagined this celebration…actually it would be a good occasion to meet with some old friends, gather our family and add some sparkle in our life! We were shown pictures and actual samples of flowers, decorations and favors for our 60 guests and in a few days we received catering offers in order to compare menus, drinks, cake & prices and choose. The result was above our expectations and we enjoyed an amazing evening. Thank you, Nena for being a part of this very special day and for all your help and understanding!”

“The most amazing party for my son Anthony..!! He loved the dinosaur thematic party and the classic museum look. My son loves fossils and dinosaur skeletons, so the idea of our event planner Nena to celebrate his birthday with a dinosaur dig party was gorgeous!!! An adorable dinosaur cake, lovely decoration to all tables with dinosaur skeletons on them and magnificent wooden dinosaur puzzles for gifts for all of his friends!! The candy bar was delicious with Dino egg cookies and a selection of other sweets.. Among them, chocolate rocks inside glass bottles!!! An EXCELLENT party!!! Don’t forget to mention the coloring Wall poster were children drew for a long time!!”

“Excellent work by professionals”

“Hello, I truly recommend to anyone that interested to organize an event the Style Concept event Solutions.Mrs Nena and her team did the baptism of my daughter an amazing event.The invitations and the quests gifts were very beautiful,in the same theme of the baptism.I believe that the combination of professionalism,flexibility and good prices are the major assets of Style Event”

“Great professionalism, friendly attitude, great services, good taste
and the most important won my confidence for the result”

“I am very pleased with Style Concept services and i will definitely co-operate in the future”

“We definitely recommend ms Nena for her professionalism and assistance for our wedding favours! She also helped us make our own personalised rice cones with our selected design and wedding and initials on them! Will definitely use her again!!!”

“I found Style Concept’s Facebook page by chance and I really wanted to see what they have to propose to me for my little girl’s birthday party, that I wanted to be unique.
So I visit their offices and I met Nena Papadopoulou (owner) who really was a great surprise for me as far as it concerns her professionalism and her warm smile. She gave me a lot of ideas and she was really helpful. The mothers and the children loved all the products I bought for the party and the atmosphere that was created, was really great. Next year I visited Style Concept once more for my daughter’s Bday and I have to say that everything was perfect at the party! Great ideas, great service, high professionalism, great prices and a really great Nena, are the ingredients of Style Concept!”

“Excellent cooperation and services. Complete understanding of our needs and taste regarding the ceremony”

“Ήταν ένα εξαιρετικά οργανωμένο πάρτι ! Όλα ήταν άριστης ποιότητας και αισθητικής! Λόγω της καλής επιλογής μουσικής, φαγητού, ποτών, birthday surprises κλπ, είχε απίστευτο κέφι και έμεινε αξέχαστο σε όλους! Ευχαριστούμε θερμά το style concept για τη διοργάνωση!! Ήταν τέλεια !!”

“Το style concept οργάνωσε την βάφτιση του γιού μου το καλοκαίρι του 2013.
Αυτό που έχω να πω είναι οτι πραγματικά η Νένα και οι συνεργάτες της κατάλαβαν πολύ γρήγορα τι θέλω και την αισθητική μου και οι προτάσεις τους εξέλιξαν με τον καλύτερο τρόπο την επιθυμία μου σε σχέδια, χρώματα και ιδέες οικονομικές, πολύ ωραίες και πρακτικές.Δεν αγχώθηκα ούτε μια στιγμή, όλα κύλησαν ιδανικά και συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα το style concept για οποιαδήποτε εκδήλωση!”

“Excellent service with a personal touch. Professional and understanding. Nena gives direction and ideas that alleviates the stress of the whole process into a relaxed and joyful experience”

“Style Concept had organized the baptism ceremony and reception for our daughter in 2008. We were very pleased with the efficient cooperation, the variety of ideas offered to us, the end result was simply astonishing!!!!
We are still cooperating with Style Concept for the birthday parties, each year a different theme, as well as on a corporate level with Children’s Christmas parties. Every year it is a nice surprise, everybody is looking forward to our parties.
Style Concept is a guarantee for your personal and professional events!!!!”

“To Nena & team, You guys are amazing!!! You made our day extra special! We had a fantastic time for 3 days in a row and we could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for everything!

“Αγαπημένη μας Νένα, There is a Mayan proverb that reads something like this: “The gift of gold can be repaid but for your gift of kindness, I will be in debt to you forever”. When we were thinking of what to write to you, that was the first thing we both shared.
From our first contact in the Fall of 2006 to the end of our wedding night, your professionalism and genuine passion for creating the best wedding possible for us, will be forever remembered. We cannot possibly thank you enough for our seamless and stress-free wedding. As soon as we “build our Santorini corner”, you will be permanently placed in our house and hearts with the lovely items you have given us.Σου ευχόμαστε κάθε ευτυχία από τα βάθη της καρδιάς μας. Να είσαι πάντα χαρούμενη και ευτυχισμένη και να χαίρεσαι την οικογένειά σου. Με όλη μας την εκτίμηση και αγάπη”

 “Dearest Nena, Last night was the most magical night Michael and I could have ever had. Ιt was more than a wedding, it was a celebration of us, our friends and family. We leave Greece with wonderful memories!
Thank you for your patience, your professionalism and your kindness in planning our wedding. Michael and I could not have had a more perfect night!
All of our guests, including our International guests, had a fabulous time!
We wish you the best of luck in the future and look forward to seeing you again…especially for the baptism! Please stay in touch and I promise to send over lots of wedding pictures.
With love always.

Very professional! Excellent and unique ideas on both occasions that i used the company’s services! Made both events extra special and to be remembered by many of my guests! Will use again hopefully soon!!!

“It was a unique expeience working with Nena and her team at Style and Concept! We had a very tricky wedding to organise: more than 200 guests from 3 different countries and we came to her 3 months before the wedding date! However, her proffessionalism was incredible! She is so experienced that within a week of working with her most of our decisions had been made! She knew all the venues, caterers, florists and wedding dress makers. We had a lovely small olive tree on each table (which were subesquently given to our guests living locally as presents). The olive tree as well as the whole concept of our wedding was the original ideas of Nena and her team!
We really can’t thank her enough!”

“8 years go Nena and her team helped plan our wedding in Greece. To this day my husband and I, along with our guests, still remember our day fondly. While we lived and worked in New York City, Nena helped us plan a beautiful wedding at the Nasouzik Museum with guests from Greece, Asia, and Europe.Her creativity, professionalism, and amazing service is a testament of the care she took in ensuring that we were taken care of as her client. And while we lived far away she always made sure that we were part of the decision making process.4 years later, Nena helped us plan our son’s baptism in Greece with the same quality and care as she planned our wedding.We trust her implicitly and recommend her with no hesitation”

Αγαπητή κα Παπαδοπούλου,
Όπως λένε, την ομορφιά στη ζωή μας την δίνουν τα περιττά και όχι τα αναγκαία. Στην δική μας βραδιά, στην βάπτιση της μικρής μας Ελένης-Φοίβης, αυτό δίχως άλλο επιβεβαιώθηκε μια και όλα ήταν τόσο όμορφα στολισμένα που ειλικρινά φάνταζαν παραμυθένια. Είχαμε την εξαιρετική ευτυχία της παρουσίας πολλών πιτσιρικιών-πλέον των 30-που μαζί με το δικό μας χάρηκαν, γέλασαν, χόρεψαν και έπαιξαν με τα μπαλόνια, τις μπουρμπουλήθρες, τις ροζ πεταλουδίτσες μέχρι τελικής πτώσεως. Όσο για τους μεγάλους καλεσμένους μας, μοιράστηκαν μαζί μας τις καλύτερες των εντυπώσεών τους.
Σας ευχαριστούμε από την καρδιά μας γιατί πραγματικά μας δώσατε την ευκαιρία να ζήσουμε μια ξεχωριστή μέρα που για μας θα είναι πάντα μια πολύ-πολύ τρυφερή και γλυκιά ανάμνηση.
…Κάτι πολύ σημαντικό που ξέχασα να αναφέρω ήταν για το τραπέζι των ευχών. Όχι μόνο άρεσε σε όλους σαν ιδέα-την βρήκαν πολύ πρωτότυπη και ξεχωριστή- όχι μόνο στήθηκαν σε ουρά ώστε να γράψουν τις ευχές τους, αλλά και τα λόγια που μας έγραψαν ήταν τόσο αγαπημένα και συγκινητικά που χαιρόμαστε πολύ που κάποτε θα τα διαβάσει και η Ελένη μας. Μια από τις ευχές που μας έγραψαν, που αφορά και την όλη βραδιά, ήταν “Να ζήσει η Ελενίτσα μια πολύ, πολύ όμορφη ζωή σαν την σημερινή μέρα!”

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